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Monday, January 10, 2011

Fruitabu Smooshed Fruit Rolls

fruitabu smooshed fruit rolls
There is a big kid lurking in all of us, don’t you agree? I sometimes like to forego my grown-up inclinations and go for a fun snack that I might have enjoyed as a child – minus the artificial gunk and preservatives.

You may recall an earlier post of mine where I told you how much I enjoy Fruitabu Smooshed Fruit Sticks.  So it was only natural that I would go on to try Fruitabu Smooshed Fruit Rolls, the yummy sister snack to the fruit sticks that I love so much.  These delicious fruit rolls are available in three delicious flavors, Smooshed Apple, Smooshed Grape, and Smooshed Strawberry.

These nutritionally sound snacks allow you to have the best of both worlds, a full serving of fruit and a tasty, fun, almost candy-like snack that is made from smooshed fruit puree.  You’ll find none of the bad stuff of candy in these, however, as they contain no artificial additives whatsoever, and no added sugar.
The sweetness of these rolls comes from the natural sweetness of the smooshed fruit puree that they are made of.  Yum!

These are made similar to Fruit Roll-Ups that kids are so crazy about, but with NONE of the bad stuff that these popular fruit rolls have.  This is truly a delicious, stretchy, chew, fun snack that will transport you back to your childhood without all the guilt that you might feel if you ate a traditional candy fruit roll.  One roll has just 70 tiny calories (apple) or 80 calories (grape or strawberry), and no trans-fats, no cholesterol and 70 mg of potassium. They are 2 weight watchers points plus points. These are packaged individually so taking one of these fruit rolls along in your purse or lunch sack is easy and simple – and a great way to help you avoid that vending machine at work!

I find these delicious Fruitabu Smooshed Fruit Rolls at Whole Foods, but you can also find them online on Amazon

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