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Monday, June 16, 2008

Nanna's Banana Puffet

nana's banana puffet"Peas of Mind" makes these super yummy puffets that you can eat as a low calorie snack or low calorie dessert. My favorite is the banana puffet (featured to your left), which is more "desserty", but the company makes other types as well that could substitute as a side for one of your meals (like the "Eat Your Greens Puffet" or "Carrot Risotto Puffet"). The Banana Puffet is only 2 points, with 2 points of fiber. Yes, you may notice these foods are for children age 12 months or older, but that doesn't mean us dieters can't eat them. They are way too yummy to pass on, just because they are marketed to kids. You can buy different varieties of these Puffets at your local Whole Foods. The packaging is green and they are available in the freezer section. I usually heat mine and then put on a serving or two of the low fat whipped cream I blogged about earlier. Yum!


Anonymous said...

can I get these anywhere other than Whole Foods?

Elizabeth said...

Good question. The Peas of Mind site has a store locater page, where you can enter in your state, and it outputs a list of stores near you. Here is the URL: http://www.peasofmind.com/stores/stores.php
Please post when you find them in your local store!


Anonymous said...

I searched the website and it turns out I can buy them at my local Target Super store! I'm definitely going to give these a try, they look delicious... or "yummy" I should say!!

Elizabeth said...

Awesome. I had no idea that they were sold at Target. Very cool!

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