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Monday, September 15, 2008

Low Calorie Ice Cream Cones

healthy low calorie ice cream cones
There are two things about regular ice cream cones that you might not know: (1) they are very low in calorie, sometimes as low as 15 or 20 calories, and (2) almost all of them that you can buy at your grocery store contain hydrogenated oils (yes, trans fats). So, from a calorie perspective cones can be a great part of one's diet, however, from an ingredient/health perspective they are completely off limits. So, as a big fan of low calorie soy ice cream and other frozen yogurts (and as someone who loves the added taste and crunch from a cone), I have always been really bummed about this issue.

Luckily, I found some great tasting organic ice cream cones online, and later at Whole Foods called "Lets Do Organic". Each cone is only 25 calories, 0g of fat, and 0g of fiber (sadly still 1 WW point despite being so low in calorie). Of course, the best part about these cones is that they are completely trans fat free (and vegan), with absolutely no hydrogenated oils, so they can be enjoyed with your favorite ice cream or frozen yogurt with no guilt what-so-ever.

The best way to eat the right amount of ice cream with one of these cones is to put it on your food scale, and weigh out one serving so you know exactly what you are eating. Or, if you like to eat your ice cream in a bowl, you might consider crushing a cone with your hands and spreading it around, after you weight out a serving.

You can buy these cones at Whole Foods or other health food stores. I also put them up at the Yummy Diet Food Amazon Store in case you have trouble finding them in your local area.


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