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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yummy High Fiber Tortillas, for Pizza and more...

la tortilla factory low calorie tortillasI've been eating La Tortilla Factory high fiber tortillas for a long time. They are a great bread substitution, and also work well for making quesadillas (with fat free cheese, salsa, fat-free sour cream -- super yum!), burritos, soft tacos, egg sandwiches, low calorie pizza, and more. What is particularly special about these tortillas is how low in calorie they are vs. their surprisingly high calorie white-flour counterparts. You can buy them in one of two sizes, either (1) a 50 calorie version which is 0 WW points, or (2) an 80 calorie version which is 1 WW point.

So, my favorite thing to eat on these tortillas is actually pizza. I love pizza, but pizza crust made out of the usual ingredients is really high in calories. So, I use these tortillas instead! You can follow a similar recipe as I described in the posting on potato skins, and add some regular onion, or your other favorite fresh vegetables and herbs and spices and top with a serving of turkey pepperoni, for a really great, yummy, filling, low calorie pizza! I also sometimes chop up 1 piece of laughing cow cheese and put little chunks around the pizza (it reminds me a bit of goat cheese when it is cooked into the other pizza ingredients).

So, the big quesiton is, where do you buy these delicious, smart, tortillas? Well, sometimes they are difficult to find, which can be frustrating. We usually find them at Safeway or Lucky (note: sometimes you have to dig through a lot of other tortillas to find them).


Anonymous said...

I get them at Netrition.com. They are soft and great

Unknown said...

I love the wheat corn tortillas but i can only find them at save mart in sacramento. Is their any stores in tullare county where they sell them?

Hey Jude said...

I love these tortillas spread with a very thin layer of Cheez Whiz (I know - not a good food - but you need so little to get the flavour) and a bunch of sprouts - I currently like the mixed ones which are more beany/seedy than leafy. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and find the tortillas at The Italian Centre.

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