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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yummy Dried Fruit

sensible foods dried fruit
In general, dried fruits are a great choice when it comes to snacking. They are tasty (very sweet if you like sweet things) and they still contain fiber and nutrients. They are much better than reaching for something starchy like a bagel, or some of the other items you might find in an average vending machine.

Sensible foods makes wonderful pouches of dried fruit that make a great filling & healthy snack, without costing you tons of calories. My personal favorite are the cherries (yes I do love cherries) although they are all really really good. If you like corn, you will love the corn ones as well. Sensible Foods can be found at Whole Foods, or at the Yummy Diet Amazon Store. An entire package is only 1 WW point.

Shopping Tip: When shopping for dried fruit, make sure you pay attention to the ingredients on the package. You want to by packages where the only ingredient is the fruit you are going to eat. Sometimes dried fruit has added calories because the company creating it adds sugar or adds oil. Steer clear of these -- they have more calories and you are not getting as healthy of a snack. Also, by buying dried fruit with lesser calories, you are able to eat a bigger, more filling, portion.

So...what is your favorite dried fruit and/or dried fruit brand? Where do you buy it?


Anonymous said...

Juliet-I love Just Bananas. They sell them at whole foods. They are freeze dried, and don't have any added ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Trader Joes sells freeze-dried pineapple. It's really sweet and tart, like candy! (But healthier!) I think they are adding more freeze-dried fruits; I tried the mangosteen, but it was a little strange -- the pits are left in and you are meant to eat them, but i didn't care for them.

Anonymous said...

Also - if you don't have either WF or TJs near you, you can buy Gerber Graduates Mini Fruits at any major chain grocery store. These are small pieces of dried apple, banana, pineapple and they're really good in a home-made trail mix or on cereal (and plain, too).

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Gerber Graduates sound good (I'm always up for trying baby food!). I will try them!!!

- Juliet

Anonymous said...

Gerber Graduates are available at Safeway and Albertsons.

Abdul Mannan said...

hi, i love to eat all fruits and dried fruits, in the season of winter specially i eat a lot of dried fruits off course they are very beneficial for our health, in fresh fruits i like Indian Fruits specially indian mangoes...too tasty.

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