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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Low Calorie Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips

low calorie tortilla chipsI absolutely love restaurant style tortilla chips, which is one of the reasons I generally avoid Mexican restaurants, where they give you a giant basket of warm tortilla chips with unlimited refills to crunch on while you wait for your meal. As such, I'm always on the lookout for tortilla chips that are restaurant style, but available to eat at home where I can weight out an appropriate serving with my handy food scale and eat them in moderation.

One of my favorite kinds of these chips is made by Whole Foods (365 is the brand). The chips are all natural, large and ready to be dipped in yummy salsa, like at a restaurant, and best of all, they taste authentic (I think it is because they are made with stone ground whole white corn -- at least that is what the bag says). The kind I buy are only "Lightly Salted" (50mg of sodium per serving) which is actually kind of hard to believe because they taste so good, even when I don't dip them in salsa or put anything on them. Sometimes I'll put a serving of the chips in the microwave for 15 seconds or so in order to heat them up and make them taste even more authentic.

These 365 "Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips" are sold at Whole Foods in a bag with bright yellow and blue trim. They are 130 calories per 30g serving, with 5g of fat, and 2g of fiber, making them 3 weight watchers (WW) points (they are sooooo unbelievably close to being 2WW points, but unfortunately fall right above the line). In any event, if you eat them with a 0 WW point serving of salsa (2 servings of my favorite salsa are 0 WW points) they will make a very yummy delectable snack, that will leave you feeling just as satisfied as you would at an authentic Mexican restaurant.

Another fun thing to do with these chips is to weigh out a small portion, crush them in your hands, and then add them to your favorite homemade soup or favorite store-made soup for some low calorie crunch! When I do this, I don't crave bread to dip in my soup.


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