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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Points Plus Grocery List for Weight Watchers

fat free cheese
Several people have emailed me for suggestions as to what they should buy at the supermarket, in particular when embarking onto the weight watchers points plus plan. As such, I've complied a list of  yummy, hearty foods that I think are worth having on hand.

Almond Milk
I  always have some almond milk in my refrigerator, since it is good in so many things from cereal to smoothies, to desserts, or even on its own as a drink. At only 40 calories per delicious cup, it is one of my main staples.

This fruit is no longer just for making guacamole. It is also a great smoothie ingredient. Or you can slice it up and add to a salad or slip some into a rice and veggie wrap. Sometimes I just spread some nice ripe avocado on a whole wheat bun and, yum! I am in heaven.  It is considered a superfood for its high nutrient content and for the fact that it helps lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

I love to have edamame around because it is a perfect light and nutritious snack that takes very little effort to prepare and yet packs a sound nutritional punch. If you buy edamame still in the pod, you have the added enjoyment of breaking open the pods to get the beans. It is like shelling peanuts, but easier.

Fresh Herbs
It is surprising how much zest you can add to your food using fresh herbs. I find that the added zing makes a low calorie dish much more exciting, so they are worth the expense *if* you actually use them. And since they are so easy to grow, many people can easily manage to grow their own. All it takes is a few planters near a window or outside, and a little water. You can even have multiple herbs growing in the same pot.

I put these on here not because they are such a basic necessity like vegetables and grains, but because they are yummy and it is just good to be prepared when a sweet tooth hits, right?

Frozen Blueberries
A great addition to smoothies, pancakes, fage yogurt, fresh fruit or just to snack on by themselves. Because they are so rich in antioxidants, it is good to eat them regularly.

I think these are a nice, delicious breakfast without a lot of effort. Just pop them in the toaster, then top them with low-fat Promise butter spread and whatever fruit you like.

I think these are a good staple because they can be eaten fresh or frozen. They can be used in smoothies, with breakfast, in desserts (Bananas with Caramel sauce, Banana bread, etc.). If you don't eat them before they turn brown, peel, wrap and freeze. Nothing has to be wasted.

Nut Butters
These last a long time and are good for many recipes (smoothies, desserts, peanut sauce) or just plain snacking. Almond butter on whole wheat toast is a nice quick 'meal' when you don't have time for a real meal. It can be a perfect breakfast, too. Or try a banana with a few scoops of nut butter on top. Everyone remember peanut butter and banana sandwiches? They don't have to be fattening with peanut butter like PB2.

Dried Fruit
Like some of the other things on this list, I included dried fruit because it lasts a long time. Even if you do not eat it this week or next, chances are it will be still good when you want it. It is also another nice thing to add to cereal, banana bread, muffins, etc.

This one is on the list of 11 best foods you aren't eating. It is easy to add to stirfries or salads. and it lasts for quite a while in your fridge. Some people believe that cabbage has tremendous fat-burning properties. I'm personally not sure, but I know it is handy and healthy.

Hummus is a great low-fat spread that I like to have within reach because it can be a meal with lots of crisp veggies and wedges of toasted pita bread or rolled with salad veggies to make a wrap.

Similar to the hummus in that you can eat it as just a between meal nutritious snack or make it part of a quick meal. If you don't take a probiotic supplement, then it is good to regularly eat something that contains them, like yogurt. Probiotics are important since a healthy digestive tract means a healthier you! Yogurt is great because you can combine it with fruit or nuts for a really filling snack.

Flax Seed Bread
I really like to have a good quality bread around, whether it is to toast and dip in the hummus mentioned above or just to have a slice or two of cinnamon toast or a sandwich.

Boxed Soups
Some days the idea of cooking a meal from scratch just is not practical. But by stocking up on healthy high quality soups like these, you can have lunch or dinner ready in a snap. Have a slice of the bread mentioned above with your soup for a nice, nourishing meal.

Turmeric and Cinnamon
Turmeric is thought to help fight cancer and is a known anti-inflammatory. I don't have as much experience adding turmeric to my meals as I do cinnamon but I think I want to learn how to use it regularly. Cinnamon provides dozens of health benefits also, including regulating blood sugar, helping to lower cholesterol and prevent cancer. This is an easy spice to incorporate in your diet as it goes well on cereal, toast, even coffee or cocoa! My favorite way to eat cinnamon is on my warm cinnamon apple dessert.

Leafy Greens
The all important dark leafy greens. This food category is the richest in nutrients per calorie. And you probably cannot gain an ounce eating leafy greens.

A reminder to eat fruit! Just having a small bowl of fruit in your line of vision may make you snack on it more often. Oranges are just starting to be in season too.

Small portions can still yield big satisfaction. And, there are a multitude of low fat cheeses and fat free cheeses to choose from nowadays. Yes, you can diet and still eat cheese!

I hope this is helpful. There are so many wonderful options, it is hard to choose just a few. So, stay tuned for more posts like this.



Anonymous said...

Could we get a brand name on the crepes? The original post doesn't have it. The Whole Foods near me doesn't seem to carry them, and I can't track them down without a brand name and info. Thanks.

Elizabeth said...

I'm really sorry you can't find the crepes in my original posting! :( I personally eat "On the go kids crepes" (frozen aisle) most of the time, not the crepes in the original post. I haven't had a chance to post about the kids crepes, yet, though, which is why the link goes to the old crepes (my apologies). You can also look for other non-frozen crepes in the produce section. Make sure to double check the calories, though, before you buy them. They will vary depending on the brand.

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