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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wii Fit, My New Exercise Partner

wii fitHi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am working with Juliet on yummydietfood. Juliet asked me to come blog about my wii fit - my new favorite exercise toy. Technically this post isn't about food, but we thought the audience reading this site would be interested nonetheless. People always ask me "does the wii fit actually work," "can I really burn calories on the wii fit," "will wii fit help me lose weight" - and the answer to all of these questions is yes! Although, you still have to do the work (it just makes it fun!).

So, I got the Wii fit the day it came out and I've been using it ever since. It is great! It tracks your weight and BMI over time (it is a scale), and it walks you through various exercises, some easier than others. You can also set a weight goal and timing for it, and it will track your progress towards that goal.

The Wii fit offers yoga exercises, aerobics, strength training, and balance. The best part about it is that it shows you where your center of balance is during each exercise, so it forces you to have really good form and posture -- making the exercises more difficult, but more rewarding! The other thing that is noteworthy about the wii fit, is that it comes with built-in trainers who demonstrate all the exercises for you (and do them with you). They tend to go slowly, so you end up getting a lot more out of each rep than you would at the gym, where you might tend to rush through your reps. Anyway, that's a high level overview. Let me know if you want me to come back and blog more about the fit or other fun exercise stuff to do while dieting!

Elizabeth (elizabeth@yummydietfood.com)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Elizabeth. Nice to have you joining Juliet on the blog. Thanks for your posting on wii fit. It is great to hear about your experiences using it, and it does sound like it would be a great addition to my exercise routine. Does anyone know how to find one, though? They seem sold out everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy. Thanks. Finding wii fit is really hard! I was lucky because I bought mine the first day it came out. I actually bought it from amazon, as part of a bundle (I didn't have a wii yet). Juliet has added the wii fit and the wii fit bundle to her amazon store, but that doesn't mean they'll have it anytime soon. You can try calling Best Buy, WalMart, and the other stores listed on Nintendo's site (go to http://www.nintendo.com/wiifit/launch/ and click on "where to buy) to see when they get their shipments. Then, get ready to get in line. Best of luck! - Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

also go to wiialerts.com register your cellphone and it will tell you what websites have the wii fit in stock online! I ordered just now from toysrus.com and found an online coupon for $10 off, which helped with shipping! good luck

Elizabeth said...

Nice! Thanks for the tip.

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