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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some Healthy, Yummy, Spaghetti

classico spaghetti sauce and de boles low calorie pasta
So, a lot of people I meet tell me about Tofu Shirataki noodles since they are extremely low in calories, and they also taste great. But, after eating them for a while, most people find themselves still yearning for a healthy, low calorie noodle, that is a little more noodle like, for those days that they crave pasta really badly. Well, De Boles has come to every pasta lover's rescue, with their Whole Wheat and Golden Flax Angel Hair noodles. De Boles noodles are organic, natural, full of fiber and other healthy ingredients, and super delicious! A hearty serving of the noodles are only 3 WW points, and 190 calories (6 grams of fiber!). You'll probably want to use a kitchen scale in order to weigh the pasta to make sure you are eating the right sized serving.

So what do I eat with these yummy noodles? I like to pair my noodles with my favorite Classico Spaghetti Sauce, which is the Tomato and Basil Flavor. A serving of this sauce (1/2 cup) is only 1 WW point, making a cup of sauce (yes, I'm a big fan of sauce) only 2 WW points. That means, for 4 WW points, you can have a bowl of real pasta with real tomato sauce, and no guilt what-so-ever. And even better yet, if you want some bread with your pasta, you can toast up a low calorie pita bread and dip it in your sauce for a very yummy and filling dinner!

I buy DeBoles at Whole Foods and I also made it available at the Yummy Diet Food Amazon Store. The Classico sauce is available at Safeway and other local supermarkets (and sometimes at Costco).

PS. Check out my posting on wildwood pasta slim noodles if you are looking for a great tasting even more low calorie noodle.



Anonymous said...

Yum! Thank you for suggesting this whole wheat pasta. I can't wait to try it!

Elizabeth said...

Glad you are going to try it. Come back and post and let us know if you liked it.

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