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Monday, March 21, 2011

Weight Watchers Points Plus Recipes

Under the new Weight Watchers Point system, values for some of my favorite recipes have changed, so I thought it would be a good idea to look back on some low-calorie recipes, and update the weight watchers points plus values for you. I plan to update more of my recipes soon (will try for a few per week), but if there are any you are anxious about getting the new points plus values for, do let me know.

low calorie popover
Yummy Popovers
Using the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus formula they come out at 3 WW points instead of the previous 2 points. They are still pretty diet-friendly in my book at just over 100 calories and 1 g of fat each. The texture of these little puffed bread balls makes them very fun to eat. They could be a good cooking project to make with young children because the prep is so simple. And they will really be excited to see how they come out. Just remind them that it is especially important not to open the oven door *at all* while they are cooking or the popovers may not pop!

low calorie nachosLow Calorie Nachos
There's nothing like a yummy plate of nachos to make you feel like you are having a treat. Using baked chips will lower the calorie count over tortilla chips.  But, at roughly 180 calories, per serving, they are about 5 weight watchers points plus points.

carrot soupHomemade Carrot Soup Recipe
One recommendation for eating a wide variety of vegetables is to try to have a rainbow of colors throughout the week. Eating brightly colored foods can be more enticing than your usual menu. And this soup is rich in the color department. And you know how when you are at a restaurant and a really impressive dish is served you might hear people saying it looks too pretty to eat? Well this soup is like that. Its smooth, creamy texture and bright orange color make it extra special. This recipe is now 4 weight watchers points plus points.

low calorie potato skins
Low Calorie Potato Skins: These are nice as relatively easy snack food for a small gathering. Again, these could be nice to make with children since they will enjoy the layering steps. Most of the steps in this recipe can be done by kids with a little supervision. And they get to practice making something healthy for themselves which will come in handy when they get a little older. The points are going to vary based on what size potato you use, as well was which low fat cheese, and which pizza sauce. But you should be able to eat them for 4-7 weight watchers points plus points.

Sesame Asparagus and Carrot Stirfry
This is a fantastic recipe that combines great taste with super low calories. Asparagus is a super low calorie vegetable, almost like celery! If you want you could have a small side of rice or pasta to round out the meal. This is one of those recipes I make again and again. It is only 65 calories, and 2 weight watchers points plus per serving.

Low Calorie Betta Banana Bread
This banana bread is a major crowd pleaser! You will notice it has a little applesauce in it which helps keep it moist and sweet without too much butter, eggs or sugar. You might remember that applesauce worked as a substitution in the No Pudge Fudge brownies I blogged about a while back. Because the ingredients are so healthy, it would be fine as a light breakfast with some yogurt and juice. The recipe was originally divided for 16 servings which comes out to a really low points value - 2 weight watchers points plus points per slice.


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