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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Low Calorie Almond Milk ( 1 Weight Watchers Point!)

40 calorie almond milkMy very first blog posting was about Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze Almond Milk, which at 40 calories per cup, is a great addition to any low calorie diet. But, shortly after I posted about it, the Unsweetened Almond Breeze became almost impossible to find (probably not related)! I inquired at my local Whole Foods (after *three* subsequent weeks of them not having any), where they told me that the company that makes it had started having trouble keeping up with demand. I was bummed as low calorie almond milk is a major staple for me.

Last weekend I went to Whole Foods only to find the unsweetened almond breeze shelf empty once again. Frustrated, I began to look for alternatives, when all of a sudden I saw that Pacific had come out with an organic unsweetened almond drink (with no added sugar or soy). At 35 calories per one cup serving (still 1 weight watchers point), I was sold no matter what it tasted like, so I bought all of it (sorry to all my readers who shop at my local Whole Foods!).

The 35 calorie milk I bought from Pacific isn't as strongly vanilla flavored as the almond breeze I am used to drinking, and therefore not quite as tasty. But I see online that Pacific has a vanilla unsweetened flavor as well (at 40 calories), so I'm going to start looking for that at all my local supermarkets. For now, I have a lot of the non-vanilla kind, so I'm adding a bit of vanilla extract and nutmeg (and sometimes cinnamon) to sweeten it up and make it more flavorful. It is pretty good and I'm happy to have my staple back! Now I can eat my low calorie cereal again, and I can make even lower calorie banana smoothies.



Anonymous said...

This is awesome, I just found your website last night. It is so informative. I can't wait for my boyfriend to bring me home some almond milk to try (he works at whole foods). Keep up the great posts!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh wow. You know an insider. That is awesome. :)

Anonymous said...

If there is a Winn Dixie grocery store where you live check there. They carry Almond Breeze also. I have to restock my supply and I will check to see if they have unsweetened and let you know.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
I LOVE almond milk. I get Silk brand pure Almond milk which has 35 calories and It's amazing :)

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