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Monday, August 4, 2008

Yummy, Decadent, Cocoa Berries

Rubicon Bakery Cocoa BerriesHello. I actually had a completely different post planned for today, but I've been so excited about these super delicious chocolate treats I found (and indulged in) over the weekend, that I just had to post about them now!

The treats I found are called Blueberry Cocoa Berries and they are amazingly yummy. Inside the box are very decently sized dark chocolate candies (made from Guittard chocolate) with fresh, ripe, freeze dried blueberries inside of them. You can also buy them filled with fresh freeze dried strawberries instead of blueberries, which I imagine are also really tasty!

The Cocoa Berries are not overly crunchy on the inside -- they have a very light crunch and a perfect amount of fruit flavor which makes them interesting (and not chewy), without overpowering the chocolate taste or consistency. You might have noticed that it says "meringue" on the box. I'm personally not a big fan of the meringues they sell at most supermarkets because they seem a bit stale to me, and tend to not be very flavorful (also, they are not usually made with fresh fruit, like these Cocoa Berries), so I wanted to point out that these treats are *way* better than what you'd get if you covered a store-bought meringue with dark chocolate.

The most compelling thing about these Cocoa Berries is that they are relatively low calorie (90 calories for five of them, and only 18 calories for one of them), even though they are decently sized (5g each) and taste like they would be really bad for you.

I made the chart below to show you how many calories/points correspond with the number of pieces that you eat. The summary is that you could eat 1 of them for 0 WW points (Yay!), 3 of them for 1 WW point, or 5 of them for 2 WW points. I'm imagining that I might take 3 of them with me to work tomorrow (for 1 WW point), and eat one every few hours in the afternoon, as I get a little hungry. Or, I might just take 1 (for 0 WW points) and eat it as an after lunch treat (instead of being tempted by the candy that my coworkers have on their desks).

The last piece of good news is that these yummy chocolates are made by Rubicon Bakery - a company which is part of a non-profit program that helps creates jobs and a better life for people in need. So, when you buy these chocolates, you are not only getting a wonderful treat for yourself, but you are helping support a great organization.

I found the Blueberry Cocoa Berries at my local Andronicos, but I read on the Rubicon website that they are also available at Mollie Stones or you can buy them online directly from the Rubicon Bakery. It looks like these are a new product, so I imagine and hope they'll start to be available at other Rubicon carrying stores like Whole Foods, or Costco, in the future (so keep your eye out).

I am totally hooked!

If anyone has tried the strawberry flavored Cocoa Berries, please let me and the other readers of my blog know how they are!



Anonymous said...

I tried these and they are delish! Can't believe you can eat FIVE and still not hit 100 calories. These are my new favorite chocolate candies.

Anonymous said...

I will be on the lookout for these. They look delicious.

ToshiCub said...

These treats do not look legal, but I cannot argue with the numbers. I will definitely be on the lookout for these, because dark chocolate and blueberries are rich in antioxidants as well. Thanks for bringing this promising product to our attention!

Anonymous said...

I also tried them! They are amazing!

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