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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Low Calorie Soda

low calorie sodaAs you may or may not have picked up from my previous posts, I tend to have a love hate relationship with water. Some days I love it, and I can drink my 8 glasses without even thinking about it. Other days I have trouble drinking even a glass, and I find the plain taste of water incredibly unappealing. I like to keep some more exciting drinks around for days that I have this issue, so I'm always on the lookout for low calorie drinks (without artificial sweeteners) that have an interesting flavor (like hint water), health value (like herbal tea, or zenergize), or bubbles (like carbonated water).

I recently found a line of all-natural bottled sodas at Whole Foods called DRY Soda that are relatively low calorie and pretty tasty. The flavor I like is called Lemongrass (which is subtly sweet in a really refreshing way), but the soda also comes in Vanilla Bean, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Kumquat and Rhubarb. The sodas vary from 50-70 calories per bottle (which are 12 ounces so 1.5 cups), depending on which flavor you buy.

As I mentioned, I found this soda at Whole Foods, but I read on their website that it is also available at Bev Mo as well as various other retailers.


PS. In the non-water drink department, I'm also a big fan of low calorie Izze Esque soda, Mint water, and Fizzit, as well as making my own fruity flavored water using real fruit like they do at the spa.


Maggie said...

Cool! There's a new vitamin water coming out called "vitamin water 10" (or something like that). It sounds like it'll be good.

Pearl said...

that sounds so cool! i'll keep a lookout for them the next time i'm in whole foods or bevmo! thanks for sharing :)

Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

I'm glad that I drink a lot of water and I feel I need it and enjoy it.
I barely drink soda because it makes me feel bloated afterward. But these look healthy and pretty.... :)

Yelena said...

I generally have trouble getting all that water down each day as well.

Here's some of the things that I like to do...

Add just enough cranberry juice to get the flavor I want without the points.

Squeeze some lemon juice in.

Buy flavored seltzer, which is usually much cheaper and lower in points when compared to other low cal designer drinks.

Drink fruity herbal teas.

Drink V8 High Fiber. You can have a glass of it for zero points, and you can get credit for veggie servings and fiber in your diet at the same time!

Sweetie Pie said...

These look good, and the flavor choices sound so cool!! I'll be on the lookout for them.

I love the Hint water too. I also love mixing Pellegrino with a bit of juice. Right now, I'm having blueberry POM juice and Pellegrino with my dinner in the evenings. It looks pretty and tastes good. Win win! :-)

Joanne said...

I'm with you. Just can't enjoy plain old water and I struggle to get even 1/2 of the amount I should.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great find

SofiaLoves said...

hmm... low cal soda.

i could give that a try!

As far as the cuties go - not yet.
Hoping maybe next week? I'll let ya know!

Sagan said...

Am curious, what are the ingredients in this drink?

The Blonde Duck said...

I think my sister would love this!

Anonymous said...

hi juliet~
i have a quick question, thought you'd be a good person to ask :)
when the ingredient list of something says "pure cane sugar," is that the same as just normal white sugar? or is it something better for you, or even less refined? sorry if this is a dumb question :D
thanks :)


Katie said...

Have you ever tried SoBe LifeWater? They have a 0 calorie version that is sweetened with Purevia, which is just a type of stevia sweetener. I drink a lot of water during the day, and I can get sick of it too, so when I found this stuff I was so stoked. It reminds me of a non-caloric version of vitamin water.

LizNoVeggieGirl said...

Love the bottle design :-D

Elizabeth said...

To Sagan:

Ingredients are:
Purified Carbonated Water
Cane Sugar
Natural Extracts
Phosphoric Acid

To Lita:

Pure Cane Sugar means that it comes from corn or sugar beats. That is just the source of the sugar. I'm not sure how to read it vs. regular sugar. I will check around to see what I can find.

John M. Zukoski said...

I love Zenergize...the lemon and lime hydration version.

Anonymous said...

I keep searching for a low or nor calorie beverage that's "just right". I used to have one, but it's not made anymore. It was only available at Walmart or Sam's Club--Ruby Red Grapefruit Burst. It was just great-lightly carbonated, light, not bitter ruby red grapefruit flavoring. Sweet, but not too sweet. It was pink and semi-opaque. Anyone get hooked on/miss it,too? It's OCD and neurotic, I know, but I still miss that drink. Its was pretty much all artificial, but Yummy and 0 calories. I went so far as to do some sleuthing and found out it was manufactured by Cott for use under the Sam's Choice Brand. I haven't found anything close. Sierra Mist (by Pepsico) just came out with a Diet Sierra Mist Ruby--but I can't even tell the difference from regular Diet Sierra Mist. Walmart-Sam's Choice--Cott--Bring back the Ruby Red Grapefruit Burst!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried La Croix? Just carbonated water with a hint of natural flavor - comes in lime, lemon, and orange. Delish. Hits the spot for me when I want something that feels like soda. And it's water! woo-hoo!

Unknown said...

Has anyone tried Capella Flavor drops? I use them in my protein shakes & oatmeal, but they can be used in coffee & other stuff, too! My friend bakes with them & uses them like extracts, but they're alcohol, calorie, fat & carb free! They have a version of their drops that are specifically for water, too! The one I just ordered is blueberry pomegranate or something close to that! A lot of dieters/health conscious people use them. They also have a sweetener that's calorie, alcohol, fat & carb free like their drops, but I've never tried it. If you like the flavors, I'd suggest staying away from the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Irish Cream & Coffee Bean unless you use them SPARINGLY as they're very strong & a taste a little off to me. For people that like sweetened water or soda water, you could add the flavor drops AND the sweetener. Their site is www.capellaflavors.com & even though I've only ordered from them twice in the past 3 months (I just placed an order last night because I'm low on my 3 favorites & they just came out with several new flavors!), each time they've had a killer discount code available! I got 25% off the 1st time & 30% off last night! Shipping is cheap, too! For an order of 9 bottles of my regular drops & 1 for water, I paid $3.32 in shipping after my discount! My friend told me about them & they've made my diet SO much easier to stick with since instead of plain oatmeal or regular chocolate or vanilla shakes, I can add their flavors & combinations of flavors & never get bored with my shakes! I keep a "Flavor Diary" of my "recipes" so when I find a new combination I love, I can write it down so I don't forget! My husband says I look like a mad scientist when I make a flavor recipe that uses 1 or 2 drops of BUNCHES of flavors, like my Coconut Cream Pie creation for my vanilla shakes with the following flavor drops: coconut, vanilla custard (tastes kinda like frosting!) graham cracker, New York Cheesecake & orange creamsicle (even though it sounds weird, the orange creamsicle adds just the right something when you only use 1 drop!)! I'm an absolute addict with them now & I've told all my friends & family about them! Hope this helps some of you, too! Enjoy! =^)

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