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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Rolls and Low Calorie Peanut Sauce

low calorie peanut sauce and spring rollsI love eating fresh Vietnamese spring rolls! Although some people eat them as appetizers, I enjoy eating them for a healthy lunch instead.

In case you've never had one, a spring roll is a rice wrapper that contains ingredients like fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbage, etc.), a protein (usually tofu or shrimp), some rice vermicelli noodles, and various additional seasonings like basil, mint, and/or cilantro. Although I don't have an exact calorie count for a spring roll (they vary), I can tell you that based on my estimates each roll is around 70-100 calories, with about half to one gram of fat. So, they are 2 weight watchers points each.

The issue with spring rolls is that they usually come with peanut sauce that isn't as low calorie. So, I decided to experiment to make my own peanut sauce. I leveraged lite coconut milk and PB2 in the following recipe to create a lower calorie dipping sauce that is pretty tasty if you like the taste of coconut. Here is the recipe:

Low Calorie Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce (~52 calories, 2g fat, 1 WW points for the entire recipe)

- 1 tablespoon PB2
- 1 tablespoon water
- 1 tablespoon lite coconut milk (1.25 tablespoons if desired)
- 1/2 tablespoon lime juice
- 1 teaspoon of reduced sodium soy sauce
- 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar

- Combine the PB2 with the water and stir until smooth
- Add the coconut milk, lime juice, and soy sauce and continue to stir
- Stir in the brown sugar to taste

You can buy spring rolls at most natural food stores like Whole Foods. Look for them in the prepared food section or near the sushi.



Balance, Joy and Delicias! said...

I like making my own spring roll since it's so easy and I can add whatever I want. Good idea for the sauce! but I need to get some PB2 first! :D

LalaLidia said...

You can actually make a simpler variation of the peanut sauce with simply peanut butter & a dab of Hoisin sauce. My mom usually tops it off with fresh roasted crushed peanuts and a little bit of asian ground red chilli sauce

Anonymous said...

Great use of PB2 :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I just think it's cool how every culture has a wrap/ roll/ taco/ etc.

The Diva on a Diet said...

That sauce looks delicious, Juliet! Yummy! You remind me that I should get out my own recipe for rolls, though I tend to call them "summer rolls" when they're made with the rice paper. Soooo good!

Anonymous said...

i love spring rolls. simple, yet so delicious. thanks for the great idea.

Anonymous said...

i also use PB2 plus steel's low carb hoisin sauce to make the dipping sauce!! really really good...

also..if you want...substitute shirataki or konnyaku(the clear kind) noodles for the vermicelli in the spring roll! it's also good and much lower in calories!

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