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Monday, June 9, 2008

I Start My Day with a 70 Calorie Cereal - Kashi

kashi cerealDieting during the week can be really difficult! Especially since weekdays meaning sitting at work, in front of a computer, for sometimes 10 or 11 hours, without the ability to eat dinner at 6:00 when my stomach is screaming at me about how hungry it is.

My current strategy for getting through the work day, starts me off with a very filling 2 point low calorie breakfast (Kashi Puffs and Almond Milk, so that I can save my other points/calories for snacking later in the day.

Now, I love many of the Kashi products, including many of the different Kashi cereals. But, this cereal is very special, because it is only 70 calories per 1 cup serving. Yes, one entire cup! Almost hard to believe! I love this stuff. When I pair this cereal with a cup of almond milk (40 calories), I end up with a very low calorie meal (110 calories/2 points) that keeps me pretty full and gets me all the way to lunch most of the time.

I usually buy Kashi at Whole Foods, but I think it is also available at Trader Joes, and sometimes Safeway as well.

Shopping Tip: When shopping for cereal, you'll oftentimes see on cereal labels that a serving is less than 1 cup, so make sure you are thinking about serving sizes AND calories when you look at cereals, since you want to stay full after you eat it.


fffabulous said...

I love Kashi cereals. So yummy and so healthy too. Great pick!

-lady fff from fffabulous.com

Elizabeth said...

Yes, they definitely make great cereal!

Anonymous said...

I recently tried this after reading about it on here and it's definitely my new everyday breakfast cereal! Although there is not much flavor at all (not that my taste buds are fully awake in the morning anyway), it keeps me full enough until lunch!

Anonymous said...

You guys are crazy...You should very well know that 70 calories or 90 calories doesn't add up to a nutritious meal. It's more like a snack. You shouldn't be advertising that your whole 90 calories counts like a meal. It's not a good tip for those struggling with weight issues.

Elizabeth said...

Hi. Thanks for your input. I am by no means advocating eating 90 calorie meals on this site (note: this site is all about food, and smarter diet food (no hydrogenated oils, artificial sweetners, high fructose corn syrup, etc.), which fill supermarket aisles and allows big food companies to prey on dieters.

However, I have learned in my life that I always have to make choices about eating calories now vs. later. When I wrote this post I was really into eating a small breakfast, so that I could eat more foods later in the day when I felt more hungry. A small breakfast of 90 calories (with protein and an entire cup of whole grains) definitely beats eating no breakfast.

In any event, I've since posted an article about the importance of eating more calories for breakfast than this.

Anyway, I hope that addresses your concerns.


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