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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Did You Say Low Calorie, Healthy, French Fries?

Yes, I did! They are good, too. I just had some with my dinner. So... today turned out to be a "good eating day", despite the unexpected orange juice that could have thrown me off (that I mentioned in my previous post). I ended up eating 25 WW points, and I exercised for 4, so I am pleased with how I did overall. Things I ate today included (I'll blog about many in the future): my favorite frozen van's waffles, my favorite low calorie string cheese, carrot soup with my favorite fat free sour cream, low calorie pita bread, and of course these wonderful french fries, that I referenced in the title of this post.

low calorie baked french friesSo what's the secret? Well, baking your french fries of course! So, you start by buying frozen french fries in the freezer section of any supermarket (Safeway makes my favorite kind). Then, instead of putting them in the deep fryer, you bake them in the oven on very high heat. I personally like my french fries really crispy, so I bake them for a long time, sometimes even broiling them at the end to make them crispy. Then, I dash on some salt, and out comes a perfect low calorie snack or low calorie side dish for your meal. Trust me, you are going to love them. And, even better, you can usually eat a good portion of fries (like 20) for 120 calories, or 2 WW points. Not too shabby!



Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but I remember seeing a french fry factory on the food network once and they deep fry the fries before they freeze them. Still not too bad if you can stick to the serving amount!

em. said...

If you bake the fries on cookie sheets covered in tin foil, it makes them crispy without spending so much time in the oven.

Elizabeth said...

Great idea! Thank you!

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