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Monday, May 9, 2011

Panda Licorice Candy

panda licorice
These days food manufacturers seem to be cluing into the fact that many people desire healthier food with fewer mysterious ingredients. Unfortunately, some companies try to hop on the bandwagon by just pasting words like “all natural”, “fresh”, “pure” and so forth on their labels without doing much to raise the standard of the ingredients. But today's post is about a licorice that really is made from simple natural ingredients. It's Panda Licorice and here is the ingredient list for their regular black licorice: Molasses, wheat flour, licorice extract, natural flavor (aniseed oil).

A neat thing about licorice is that in addition to being a fix for your sweet tooth, it has other perks too, such as helping people to relax and relieve stress. Why not give yourself a treat that restores you on more than one level?

When you come across something like Panda Licorice that has exactly four ingredients, all of them simple, recognizable words, then you know you have found a good choice. You might be surprised to find that many candy items which are labeled licorice do not actually contain any real licorice extract.

Panda licorice comes in several flavors and styles. You can get cherry, raspberry or black licorice in small bite-sized chews or in a single snack size bar. The herb flavor (green box) seems to come only in the bite-sized chews. One of their newer packaging styles is a ziploc bag that apparently really keeps the licorice fresh and moist. They carry one more flavor I have never tried – Licorice Creams with strawberrycaramel and banana fillings! This version does have cane sugar and skim milk powder whereas the others are all dairy-free and sweetened only with molasses.

Whichever kind you try, most are only 3 weight watchers points points and around 130 calories per serving, 0g fat, 30g carbs, 2g protein and no fiber. The exceptions are the herb flavor which is 4 WW points but still 130 calories and the licorice creams which come out to 4 WW points and 160 calories per serving.

You can find Panda at most health food stores or order it online through Amazon.


1 comment:

Matt said...

I think Licorice is a tasty food and I am finally happy to see it with all natural ingredients. It is nice to see that it comes in all sorts of flavors regardless of being all natural. I hope all fans of being healthy will enjoy this treat.

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