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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Low Calorie Potato Skins

health is wealth low calorie potato skins
If you are new to eating healthy, you may be craving low calorie foods that will keep you on track but still allow you to feel like you have indulged a bit.   That’s one reason that I love the potato skins that are made by Health is Wealth. They have the yummy taste of potato skins without all the added fat and grease. And, they are vegetarian!  These are soooo yummy, it is almost sinful, and they are so low-cal, it is almost unbelievable. 

You may recall that I blogged some time back about Pizza Munchees from Health is Wealth, and I have also recommended their Vegetarian Buffalo Chicken Wings which are also super yummy.  This company is definitely on the leading edge when it comes to providing all natural foods and snacks.  I love items that are prepackaged like those from Health is Wealth because sometimes I just want something that I can pop into the oven, toaster oven, or microwave and just be done with it but I don’t want to blow my good eating habits for the sake of convenience.

Health is Wealth All-Natural Vegetarian Potato Skins are loaded with cheddar cheese and meatless bacon bits.  There are no sugars, trans-fats, or preservatives in these yummy skins.  And they are low in salt, which is also a big seller to me.  So what do you get for 110 calories? Two potato skins that are perfect for an appetizer, light meal, or even a side dish alongside your favorite low-cal sandwich.  What’s more, each two-skin serving has five grams of protein and a gram of dietary fiber, although you’ll truly feel like you’re eating junk food when you try these. They are 3 weight watchers points plus points.

I shop at Whole Foods Market quite often, so I found these potato skins there, but they are also available in stores like Publix, Fairway, and Earth Fare.


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CaSaundraLeigh said...

I've been wanting to try their pizza munchees too--I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for both of these!

p.s. Coulc you take a minute and vote for my Pink Velvet POM cupcake here:http://www.pomwonderful.com/cupcakecontest/
And spread the word if you'd like--thanks a million :-)

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