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Monday, February 21, 2011

Low Calorie Flavored Popcorn

low calorie popcorn indiana kettle popcorn
I'd seen Popcorn Indiana popcorn on the shelves of many stores -- Whole Foods, Target, Safeway, but I hadn’t had a change to try it for myself. Then, I read an article in a magazine that listed it as a top snack pick. I'm sure glad I read that article - it is totally delicious!

After trying the popcorn I visited the Popcorn, Indiana website and was surprised to find out that this delicious popcorn is produced in, yes, Popcorn, Indiana, population 42. That's pretty amazing.

Popcorn, Indiana Popcorn flavors include Cinnamon Sugar (the one reviewed in the magazine), Sweet and Tangy BBQ, and Buffalo Cheddar, but they also have popcorn flavors, including Sea Salt, Movie Theater, Bacon Ranch, and Smoked Cheddar.  And let’s not forget their two “reserve” flavors – Wasabi and Kettle.   None of these flavors, whether kettle corn or pop corn varieties, are more than 150 calories for a huge 2 ½ cup serving and 3 weight watchers points plus points.

I also recommend the flavored popcorn made by Lesser Evil (my favorite is peanut butter and choco).  And being a popcorn lover, I also own an air popper which allows me to put kernels in and pop them sans oil which is super low-cal and then I can season the popcorn however I like – or eat it plain.

You can buy this popcorn at so many stores it is difficult to list them all - Target, Safeway, etc. Even online at Amazon.


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