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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Barbara’s Baked Cheese Puffs

barbara's baked cheese puffs
Most people like to snack.  I certainly get hungry every day around 4:00, right between lunch and dinner. That’s why I am always looking for snacks that allow me to feel satiated but that won't leave me feeling guilty.  That being said, today I wanted to post about Barbara’s Baked Cheese Puffs. You may remember that I have posted on some of Barbara’s products before, including Barbara’s Peanut Butter Puffins and Shredded Spoonfuls, two of my favorite breakfast cereals that I often also eat as a yummy snack! 

Barbara's baked cheese puffs are great for those times when you want an airy and light puffed snack with a cheesy flavor, without the grease or oil that is accompanied by other, non baked puffs. But be forewarned – it is hard to put these down so don’t buy them in a larger bag – get the small, single serve variety!

The puffs are made from natural, organic ingredients, they are free from cholesterol and wheat.  They are also vegetarian and pretty guilt free – available in four flavors including original, white cheddar, jalapeno and baked.  At 150 calories per serving (4 weight watchers points plus points), they are not a snack I would turn to everyday, but they are a better alternative to some of the other “junk” on the market, especially when you want to indulge a little without throwing your whole diet off the rails.

You can buy Barbara's baked cheese puffs and stores like Whole Foods, as well as online at Amazon.

If you are looking for other great crunchy snack ideas, makes sure you check out my previous posts on  low-cal pita chips (great with hummus), baked kettle chips, wasabi peas, and pretzels.


1 comment:

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I am a huge fan of Barbara's products--I've never tried anything of theirs and not liked it!

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