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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peas of Mind Baked Apple Fries

peas of mind baked fries
I have always loved good, wholesome food choices that are marketed toward kids for two reasons. First of all, they are always in the right proportion.  (I guess when you’re officially ‘grown up’, you automatically have to eat more and more, or so food manufacturers think!) And secondly, foods that are marketed to kids are just plain fun.  Case in point is one of my favorite snack alternative – Peas of Mind Apple Veggie Wedges.  You may recall that I’ve posted about one of their products before, the Banana Puffet that I like to top with some low fat whipped cream, which I adore.  These apple wedges are also yummy and good for you – so they get two thumbs up from me!

Peas of Mind Baked Apple Fries are crispy fries that are made from real apples.  But what is unbelievable is that just one bag of Apple Veggie Wedgies has a big 9 servings of fruits and vegetables (each bag has four servings). And, each very large 85g serving is just 80 calories, or 2 weight watchers points plus points.  Wow!  The wedges are also free from fat, dairy, gluten and soy and are totally vegan. As you might imagine, these are an excellent replacement for higher calorie fries and make a great snack.  

The apple wedges have just a touch of cinnamon to them (I actually add a tad more since I like cinnamon so much) and are slightly salted, using sea salt. When I picked these up at the store, I also noticed that they have Cauliflower, Broccoli, and Carrot wedges – and I’ve made a mental note to give the other varieties a shot as well. 

You can find these at Whole Foods, or you can also visit the Peas of Mind website to find a handy store locator. 


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