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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Favorite Low Calorie Foods - 2010

Happy New Year! As 2010 has just drawn to a close, and I thought it was a good time to summarize some of my favorite foods from the past year for you.  This list of 2010’s best low calorie foods represents foods that I plan to turn to again and again as I try to eat smart all year long.

Favorite Yummy Breakfast Options

You may recall that I am a big believer in the power of eating a good breakfast.  I just don’t feel like myself if I skip this most important meal of the day.  You can stay diet-friendly and still enjoy my favorite breakfast foods, including:
  • Low-calorie pancakes.  I make these delicious pancakes with whole wheat pastry flour, and they are only 65 little calories each. 
  • Warm cinnamon apples.  Yum, I love these.  My post on these generated a lot of comments, and some of you have added these to your list of favorite desserts.  Apples are so healthy for you, and these apples, with a dollop of low-cal whipped topping, are simply scrumptious!  This is also a perfect snack idea. 
  • Banana smoothies.  Oh yum!  You know I am a big lover of frozen bananas, and my low calorie banana smoothie recipe simply builds on that addiction!  This is such a healthy and yummy breakfast idea, there’s no way a list of “bests” from this blog would not include it!  This is also a filling snack anytime of the day (or night)! 
Yummy Snacks
Now on to the best yummy low calorie snacks of 2010!  Watching your weight is easiest when you don’t feel deprived, which is why snacks are an important part of dieting.  Healthy and yummy snacks that make my list of faves for the year include:
  • Kettle brand baked potato chips.  I have raved about these chips several times this year.  They are way too good to be a low-cal food, but thankfully they are!  I love snacking on crispy foods sometimes and these chips are just awesome. If you haven’t tried them, I seriously suggest you do.  These would be perfect for your New Year’s snack tray or to fill that void when everyone else is munching something while watching football. 
  • Wasabi peas.  If you’ve been following me for long then you know that I love Japanese food (including diet friendly sushi), and one of my favorite snacks happens to be Wasabi peas.  My favorite brand provides a huge portion just being 120 calories. Give them a shot if you like spicy crunchy snacks.
Yummy Lunches and Dinners
If you’re like me, dinnertime and lunchtime are nearly synonymous. I never like a traditional heavier meal for dinner, so many of my lunch suggestions and dinner suggestions can be served any time of the day.  My favorite yummy lunches and dinners for 2010 include:
  • Low calorie Fettuccine Alfredo.   I shared a recipe with you earlier for this low-cal version of the popular Italian favorite.  My version uses Quinoa Supergrain Pasta, low-fat sour cream and Promise Light spread.  Yummy and only 335 calories for the entire meal!  (This post is starting to make me hungry!)
  • English muffin pizzas.  I shared a post with you before about my low calorie lunch suggestion for making a quick and delicious lunch with an English muffin.  No matter how you eat them – as part of a cheese sandwich, with hummus, or with your favorite spread, these are low-cal and delicious! 
Yummy Desserts
Since I love dessert, I had a lot of trouble narrowing down the “best”.  All the desserts that I have reviewed for you are somehow equally yummy in my mind right now. But I did want to call out an old favorite that I want to recommend again – So Delicious Low Calorie Minis.  These delicious ice cream bars are just 90 little calories and oh so yummy! 

So that’s it! My list of the best and yummiest foods that we’ve discussed in 2010!  I want to also take a moment to mention that if you have not thought about Weight Watchers yet as wonderful way to help you lose weight in the New Year, now might be the time. I really like the new weight watchers points plus program that they’ve rolled out, although it is taking me a bit of time to get everything just “right” with the new calculations.  I love that weight watchers now allows you unlimited veggies and fruits without penalty.  Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions abut the new points plus program

That’s all for this year!  Thank you for your continued support and for following me on my journey to eat yummy healthy foods and stay fit! I enjoy reading your comments and receiving your emails, so keep ‘em coming!  And if you have a buddy that you are exercising with this year, or who is using WW and needs some guidance, be sure to tell them about this site!  Until tomorrow…a Happy, Joyous, Healthy and Yummy New Year to you all.


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