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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Low Calorie Ice Cream Sandwiches - La Loo's

la loos ice cream sandwiches
I think that I’ve established that I *adore* ice cream, and that I save calories in my diet a few times a week in order to be able to indulge in some low calorie ice cream.  And, I have written in the past about some of my favorites, including pomegranate light ice cream cups from Eating Right (Safeway brand), Julie’s Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches, and the vanilla ice cream bars that I adore from So Delicious that are made with coconut milk.

Now, today I must share with you another one of my faves. If you have never eaten ice cream that is made with goat’s milk, you’re missing out.  My favorite is La Loo’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, which are made with nutritious goat’s milk, and are only 90 calories each (and only two weight watchers points plus points).  These ice cream bars are all-natural and unbelievably rich, made with the La Loo’s Vanilla Snowflake flavor ice cream that are sandwiched between two soft chocolate cookies (dark chocolate, that is).  These sandwiches are nutritious and lactose friendly while also being good for the planet, as goats are considered to be eco-friendly animals.  According to La Loo's, this is the first goat’s milk ice cream sandwich on the market.  It gets a big two-scoops up from me.

Goat’s milk is perfect for ice cream as it has a slightly sweet undertone.  And although it’s not that popular in the U.S., it is very popular in other countries. In fact, worldwide, more people drink goat’s milk than cow’s milk. (Could be tied to the fact that the goat is the world’s oldest domesticated animal; folks have been raising goats for more than 10,000 years – that’s a fact).

Goat’s milk doesn’t need to be homogenized like cow’s milk, and is often an alternative to those who are sensitive to cow’s milk. Goat’s milk is also lower in fat than cow’s milk, which makes it a good choice for any company who wants to make a more nutritious ice cream.  But what I really like about goat’s milk is the nutrients it contains.  Goat’s milk is loaded with tryptophan, calcium, phosphorus, riboflavin, protein, and potassium.  It also contains pro-Vitamin A, which has been shown to prevent cancer in some research studies. 

So bottom line, if you like ice cream (and who doesn’t), and you are willing to venture into new territory by trying goat's milk ice cream, then you may end up loving these ice cream sandwiches from La Loo’s. You can buy these yummy treats in the frozen food aisles of many fine food and natural food grocery stores like Whole Foods, Andronicos, etc.


1 comment:

CaSaundraLeigh said...

I never even knew they made ice cream with goat's milk--how cool is that?! I will keep my eye out for these!

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