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Monday, October 18, 2010

Low Calorie Snack Ideas For Fall

fall pumpkins
If you’re on a diet, snack time may be the worst time of the day for you, and this could be because you haven’t found the right low-cal snacks to get you through until mealtime.  I have consistently blogged about healthy snack alternatives, but with fall approaching, I thought that I would again touch on some yummy and healthy snacks that can help you bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, or dinner and bedtime – those areas of the day when you may need a quick pick-me-up to keep going. For me, snack time falls between lunch and dinner.

When you think about your favorite snacks, you likely have two thoughts: crunchy or sweet.  These are the two most popular snack time tastes.  Let’s look at healthy alternatives for both.

If you have a chronic sweet tooth, then feeding your snack time hunger with a healthy low-calorie ice cream or popsicle may be just what you need. I personally love to have a few hearty teaspoons of the Purely Decadent brand of ice cream, in particular the Cherry Amaretto flavor.  On chilly fall evenings, a warm cup of low-calorie egg nog is also a great and yummy option, perhaps with half a serving of Almondina Biscott-Like Cookies.

If chocolate is your downfall, then you’ll like Gone Nuts Low Cal Chocolate and Nuts, which also contains raisins. These are gluten free and great for the vegan lifestyle, while weighing in at just over 100 calories per serving.  Or snack on a wedge of Trader Joe’s Chocolate Wedges called the Chocolate Traveler – perfectly sized for snacking at just 30 calories per wedge. 

If you’re looking to appease your need for a crunchy snack, then look no further than Lesser Evil Flavored Popcorn, which is free from hydrogenated oils or anything artificial.  You’ll find this yummy snack in four flavors, including my favorite, choco peanut butter – so if you crave sweet and crunchy, this is the ideal snack for you!  For chip lovers, Kettle Brand Baked Chips are tops on my list of recommended snacks, and I love that they have many flavors to choose from at right about 130 calories per serving.  Whole Foods 365 brand tortilla chips are also a great and lightly salted chip option that has lots of crunch, and it is particularly delicious when you top it with salsa

I also like fall snacks that celebrate the season. One of my favorites is pumpkin seeds.  (It is actually quite fun to make your own, too). If you are in the mood to cook, you could make some of my pumpkin ricotta treat. Apples are also perfect for fall snacking as well, and in many areas of the country, August, September, and early October are great times to go to a local orchard and get apples that are picked fresh – some even allow you to harvest your own!  And last of all, a low-cal graham cracker topped with a few tiny marshmallows roasted over the campfire can be a low-cal fun fall snack to take on those late autumn camping trips.


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