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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nesquik - A Low Calorie Chocolate Favorite - And Still Healthy!

low calorie nesquik hot chocolate powder
A childhood favorite that you likely buy for your kids is actually one of the yummiest diet foods out there – Nesquik. The familiar powder that you likely mixed up in your milk as a kid is not only free from trans-fats and saturated fat, but it is also cholesterol-free and is vitamin-enriched with Vitamins C, D, B6, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron and Calcium. And unlike most hot chocolate mixes, Nesquik is totally free from artificial ingredients and the other unpronounceable ingredients you find in so many other low calorie chocolate foods. So it is both yummy and good!

I like to mix up two tablespoons of Nesquik in one cup of low calorie almond milk or low calorie coconut milk. You could also try mixing it with coconut water, although I haven't tried that yet. You can drink it hot or cold, depending on your mood.

Nesquik is available in chocolate (my favorite), strawberry, and vanilla (which I haven't tried - let me know if they are good!). Two tablespoons of Nesquik powder has just 60 calories (and 1 weight watchers point). 

I found a great recipe that I enjoy on the Nesquik site, and I have modified it to make it even healthier for dieters. This cool smoothie makes a great breakfast meal, a low calorie dessert, or can be used as a snack – and what’s more – your kids will drink it! My modified version of the “Bunny Safari Smoothie” provides you with lots of Calcium, Vitamin C, and Potassium – and will hit the spot on a hot summer’s day!

Yummy Diet Foods Version of Bunny Safari Smoothie (Low Calorie Chocolate Banana Smoothie)
  • 1 cup almond or coconut milk
  • 2 frozen bananas
  • 1 cup crushed ice cubes
  • 1/3 cup Chocolate Flavor Nesquik Powder
Place almond or coconut milk, bananas, ice and Nesquik in blender; cover. Blend until smooth.

For a Chocolate Peanut Smoothie, blend the above with one tablespoon of Better’n Peanut Butter or PB2, which are both healthy, low calorie peanut butter alternatives. Or for a berry smoothie, blend in 1 cup of frozen strawberries or raspberries (or throw in a handful of cherries or blueberries) in place of bananas.



Yum Yucky said...

I have all of these ingredients at home. Greedy Baby would enjoy this!

Kate said...

Do you know what the point value is on this? Are you still doing weight watchers?

Elizabeth said...

Just 1 WW point for one serving of the nesquik. For the recipe, it depends what milk you use.. if you email me I can help you figure it out. :)

Kate said...

Thank you so much, I really enjoy your blog and it is so helpful!!

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