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Monday, January 26, 2009

Low Calorie Cookies and Cream Shake

spiru-tein cookies and cream powderHello and Happy Monday! So several months ago, the fabulous veggie-wedgie sent me a note about the cookies and cream version of spiru-tein (protein powder) which she had managed to try in Greece. I did some research and it looked absolutely delicious, so I started looking for it in all the food stores here in the Bay Area. But sadly, I couldn't find it anywhere. However, this weekend I was shopping at the Vitamin Shoppe, and much to my surprise I happened to see it sitting on a shelf. I was so thrilled that I grabbed it off the shelf, bought it, and then immediately took it home so I could try it!

As soon as I opened the container, my husband became intrigued (which is generally a good sign since he is very picky) and even tasted some of the cookies and cream powder. He liked it a lot and commented that it would go great in an ice cream milkshake. I decided that I wanted to see if I could use it to create a delicious and low calorie cookies and cream shake.

So, I threw the following into my Vita-Mix blender (which I'll be blogging about a lot in the days to come, as it is by far the best blender I've ever used, and I've used many):

(1) half a serving of the cookies and cream powder (60 calories, 0.25g fat, 1g fiber, 7g protein)
(2) one cup of almond milk (40 calories, 3g of fat, 1g of fiber, 1g protein)
(3) half of a medium frozen banana (~45 calories, 1g of fiber)

What resulted was a smooth, creamy, and delicious cookies and cream drink! What's cool about this drink is that it healthy enough to call a smoothie, but also definitely tasty enough to call a dessert. It is also extremely filling because the cookies and cream powder is so high in protein. The whole drink came out to 145 calories, or 3 watchers points.

Beyond being delicious, the shake also has a lot going for it as the spirutein protein powder is packed with vitamins (the package claims that one serving contains 100% daily value of most vitamins).

So, as I mentioned, you can find the cookies and cream powder at The Vitamin Shoppe, or from Amazon under Spiru-Tein (Spirutein) Shake - Cookies & Cream.

By the way, if you aren't a big cookies and cream fan, you'll find that this protein powder comes in many other potentially delicious flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, and Cherry. Independent of flavor, the powder provides an easy way to integrate protein into your diet.



Anonymous said...

Yay! Vitamix! I literally just ordered one and am so excited to get it. We were at a friend's house last night and I watched it boil water via friction in 5 minutes. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Oh you found it!!I am so excited! If you want to make it even more decadent-tasting try it with sweetened vanilla soy milk![trust me then it is completely like a dessert!]
You have a Vitamix-I am so jealous!
All by best,

Anonymous said...

The fat intake that you mention .25 is 0.2g right?? Since a full serving is 0.5g fat! I got confused for a sec.Haha

Elizabeth said...

Yep, half of .5 is .25 right? :)

Anonymous said...

I just read it fast and i thought it was 25 not .25 !! sorry :)
Hope you are enjoying your cookies and cream shake!

The Diva on a Diet said...

Interesting stuff. Does it contain sugar? Love that you used the frozen banana to make it a shake. I think I'd opt for the chocolate variety and add a tsp. of peanut butter along with the banana. Yum!

Will look forward to hearing about your Vita Mix ... I'm in the market for a new blender and have been considering the Vita.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love cookies and cream! How creative!

Anonymous said...

I've tried that brand before and wasn't too happy with it. But then, I only mixed the powder with water and nothing else. I might try it your way since the Cookies and Cream is available in single serve packets. A great way to test a protein powder since they are somewhat costly.

Joanna said...

oh my goodness. this looks so darn good. i've been trying to finish up the last of my vanilla soy protein powder and i'm just not feelin it. i'd so much rather have this. i love anything that makes me think of my beloved oreos.

Anonymous said...

I just looked on amazon and they also make a cookie dough flavor. YUMMM. *drools*

Elizabeth said...

Emily - let me know if you try the cookie dough flavor!

Bianca said...

Have you tried and ditched the Blendtec? I'm about to buy one, a Blendtec and they're quite pricey...so, I'm wondering what's so great about the Vitamix...


Anonymous said...

Bianca, if you're in the market for a blender and don't mind high-end appliances, the bosch machine is wonderful! I can't say enough about it. I hate glass blenders due to the risk of injury, so the stainless is nice. That and having it built in.

smoothie blender said...

I am amazed that people still havent heard the names Vitamix or Blendtec. I feel like I have know them longer than my children! They are truly wonderful blenders and Vitamix holds a special place in my heart as it was my first commercial blender.

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