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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Low Calorie "Rice Krispies"

low calorie cerealSo, I'm a total sucker for cereal, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, a snack, or for dinner -- it is one of my favorite staples. Cereal is also one of my favorite foods to get creative with! There are just so many things you can do with it, and I feel comfortable experimenting since it always seems to turn out good (even when it doesn't end up looking appetizing). So, today I thought I'd talk about another one of my favorite cereals, and then talk about some of the things I do to "spice it up."

So, first off, why crispy brown rice cereal? Well, I originally started eating this cereal during a phase I went through when I seeking out products that had no processed sugars and were wheat free (and therefore gluten free). I don't personally have a gluten allergy, but I find that when I eat wheat-free products, I tend to stay full a lot longer, which is really nice, especially in the morning before work.

The crispy rice cereal made by Erewhon is made entirely from brown rice (not even processed into flour), barley malt, and sea salt and is organic, 100% whole grain, wheat free, and fat free -- with only 1 gram of sugar. It is also only 110 calories per giant 30 gram serving (the serving is huge since each of the puffed rice crisps is full of air!). This cereal is exactly like rice krispies which I loved as a child, just a little less sweet, which is a-ok with me.

So, what can you eat with this cereal. Here are some things I love to eat with my cereal. I combine them with each other depending on what I'm in the mood for:

(1) Unsweetened Almond Breeze -- I love almond milk! It is delicious and only 40 calories per 1 cup serving. If you can't find the almond breeze brand, try the pacific almond milk instead -- they are both equally as delicious.

(2) Cinnamon -- Cinnamon can often be found on lists of the healthiest foods for people to eat. Cinnamon is believed to lower people's blood glucose, and also potentially help lower people's LDL cholesterol. When I'm not in the mood for cinnamon, I sometimes add nutmeg to my cereal.

(3) Sliced Frozen Bananas, Frozen Blueberries, or Frozen Cherries -- I *love* adding frozen fruit to cereal. Sometimes I let it thaw for 10 minutes before I add it so that it doesn't freeze my milk.

(4) Fresh fruit -- You can add any fresh fruit to cereal. One of the unique ones I add is sliced apples (usually with cinnamon) or pears.

(5) Honey -- Honey is thought to help treat colds, coughs, and sore throats because of its antimicrobial properties.

(6) Cocoa Nibs - I haven't had a chance to blog about cocoa nibs (beyond the cocoa nib trail mix that I found) yet (will soon!), but cocoa nibs are a great low calorie way to eat crispy little bits of delicious dark chocolate.

By the way -- remember you can always eat cereal for lunch instead of for breakfast. I find that it actually makes a really satisfying low calorie lunch!



Anonymous said...

I'll have to try it with my favorite almond breeze. Which flavor do you like? Mine is chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the great cereal ideas!

Elizabeth said...

I like the vanilla unsweetened. I also like the chocolate a lot but it isn't quite as versatile. :)

Anonymous said...

If you like cereal so much you should watch the movie Flakes ! Its about a shop that only serves cereal with milk! Its so cool, and they had all these vintage cereal boxes...
Rice Puffs rule!I wish I could find brown rice ones though.

Anonymous said...

i have this cereal in my cupboard right now. it's really good. it tastes just like rice krispies

Anonymous said...

Wait, where did you find htese?

Elizabeth said...

Whole Foods. Make sure you look carefully. Sometimes they are hard to find since the box is not as colorful as some of the others. :)

Unknown said...

Because it contains barley malt, it is NOT gluten free.

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