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Monday, September 22, 2008

Dagoba Tasting Chocolates

Dagoba low calorie dark chocolate tasting squareI ADORE dark chocolate -- it not only fulfills my chocolate cravings, but it is also known to be more healthy than milk chocolate, since it contains more of the cacao bean's antioxidants, which are known to help lower blood pressure and protect against heart disease. I blogged previously about Trader Joes chocolate wedges, each of which is 6.25 grams in weight, and has 70% cocoa content, and approximately 33 calories (1 weight watchers point). I realize not everyone who reads this blog is lucky enough to have a Trader Joe's near them (and some of you have written to tell me!), so today I wanted to talk about another one of my favorite small, one serving chocolates -- made by Dagoba.

I first learned about Dagoba organic brand chocolate when a lavender-flavored Dagoba chocolate bar was given out as a favor at a birthday party I attended. The lavender-flavored chocolate bar was totally delicious (I savored it), although since it was the size of a regular candy bar, I avoided buying any additional ones. However, I often saw Dagoba bars in the chocolate aisle at Whole Foods, where I wishfully examined all the interesting and yummy sounding flavors (like lime, mint, and mon cherri) that Dagoba makes (without actually buying them).

Then, on one lucky day, I happened to see a small Dagoba chocolate bar over by the checkout counter called a Dagoba tasting square (note: it was not with the Dagoba bars in the chocolate aisle). The one I bought (and have continued to buy) is called "Pacuare" and has 68% cocoa content, combined with sugar, cocoa butter, and soy lecithin (and is gluten-free). Although the Dagoba Tasting Square does not have calorie information, the bar is labeled as being 9g (~50% bigger than the Trader Joes chocolate wedge). And, the tasting chocolate bar is totally delicious, just as I would have expected based on the other Dagoba chocolates I had eaten.

I have yet to find the Dagoba Tasting Square calorie information elsewhere on the Internet, but I've done my own *estimation*. Based on the calorie statsitics from their other 59% cocoa bars (so this estimate *should* be on the conservative side), I estimate that the 9g Dagoba Tasting Sqaure has approximately 50 calories, 2.8g of fat, and .96g of fiber -- making it one weight watchers point, and certainly something reasonable to add to your daily routine if you love dark chocolate. Remember, I can't guarantee this calculation, but it should be a legitimate estimate.

Dagoba organic dark chocolate tasting squares come in a few different varieties, based on where the cocoa beans come from (Costa Rica, Madagascar, Ecuador, and Peru). The "Pacuare" flavor that I absolutely love is the one from Costa Rica.



Anonymous said...

I don't remember seeing this at Whole Foods, but now I will keep my eye open next time I go! (which is only a few times a year, due to it's location *sniffles*) You can imagine the big bill I get every time I shop there. hehe How does it compare in taste to Trader Joe's?

Elizabeth said...

That's a bummer that WF is so far away. As for comparison, the Dagoba tasting square is a big bigger, a bit thinner, and tastes more exotic. Both chocolates are delicious, although I have a small preference for Dagoba (although it is a lot more expensive, making it a very special treat).I hope you find them on your next trip! :) - Juliet

Anonymous said...

I went to Whole Foods yesterday! I looked everywhere for this brand of chocolate but I didn't see it anywhere. That was a bummer, but I did see a lot of other products you mentioned. I ended up accidentally going to Trader Joe's too since it was nearby ("accidentally" meaning I made a wrong turn and ended up there LOL) So I got me some chocolate wedges and 100 calorie bars to try. :)

Elizabeth said...

The chocolate wedges are a great substitute! Let me know how the 100 calorie bars are. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I almost died today. Passing through my usual route to the breakroom at work (through the natural foods section), I happened to glance on the shelf near the organic fruit bars and protein bars, and what should I see? THIS chocolate bar! lol I was so tempted to buy it, but they only had the large ones, and knowing me if I bought it I would end up eating the whole thing in one sitting, which would NOT be good. The price also made it an easier decision to pass up - $3.89 *cringes* But at least I know you're not trippin' that they DO exist. lmao :P

Elizabeth said...

Emily - Do you work at a grocery store? That's very convenient! :) As for Dagoba, yes, the big bars are delicious, and very difficult to put down. My favorite is the lavender flavor (it is in a purple wrapper), but pretend I didn't mention that.

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