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Friday, August 1, 2008

Yummy Cookie Buttons

Ian's Cookie Buttons
I love the concept of 100 calorie packs, since they allow those of us that are watching our intake to splurge a bit, but with a reasonable predetermined portion size. Unfortunately, many of these portioned snack packs contain undesirable ingredients. So, I'm always on the lookout for "100 calorie like" packs, but with smarter, "better for me," ingredients.

I recently came across Ian's Cookie Buttons at my local Whole Foods. They are similar to 100 calorie packs, in that they come in little one-serving packages that are actually made for kids. The Organic Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip flavors come in 100 calorie cookie packs (2 WW points) that contain 18 cookies each, and the Crunchy Cinnamon Buttons (which are wheat free and gluten free) are 120 calories and 3 WW points for 23 cookies. These cookies buttons are a much better alternative to many of the other 100 calorie cookie packs on the market since they are made from non-bleached flour (wheat flour in the case of the Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip Flavors), and do NOT contain any refined sugars. They definitely make a really yummy, convenient snack or desert!

Most often, I just eat them straight out of the bag. But sometimes I'll crush half a package of the double chocolate cookies, and then I'll spread them over some ice cream and add some whipped cream for a smart, low calorie, ice cream sundae. If you like milk and cookies, you might consider eating a pack of the chocolate chip flavored cookies while drinking a cup of 1 WW point almond milk. Or you could even just crush some and put them into your fage yogurt!

I buy Ian's Cookie Buttons at my local Whole Foods but I see on their website that they are available at a lot of other stores (yay!). I also made them available at the Yummy Diet Food Amazon Store.


Mansi said...

hi! thanks for visiting my site, and bringing me to yours! I love it; you have some great tips here for healthy food...thanks for sharing your findings with us!:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments on my site. I love the Lara Bars. I have not been able to find the new ones, but I am excited about trying the peanut butter one. My favs are cinnamon roll and banana cookie.

Yelena said...

I’ve been obsessed with finding the lowest point chocolate chip mini cookies so I can enjoy as many cookies as possible for the points. I’ve been buying the Pepperidge Farm 100 cal chocolate chunk cookies, but I would love to find a healthier alternative with better ingredients. When I came across this post, I was so excited! I just had to find Ian’s cookie buttons. I finally found them via Amazon’s subscribe and save, and was about to buy them when I read the ingredients.

Invert sugar? Isn’t that a euphemism for High Fructose Corn Syrup? No way am I eating that!

Aluminum Bicarbonate? Doesn’t aluminum cause Alzheimer’s? Why couldn’t they just use baking soda? Don’t most companies who list this ingredient specify that they use the non-aluminum kind?

Darn, and I was so excited about buying these cookies.

The closest I’ve come to the Pepperidge Farm 100 ca pack (2 points for about 13 cookies) is this brand from Trader Joes called Dress Circle Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies (4 points for 12 cookies or 2 points for 6 cookies). Unfortunately, I only get to eat 6 cookies instead of 13. On the other hand, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and they use regular sodium bicarbonate.

I’m still on a quest to find or create a better, low point mini cookie from natural ingredients. I’m thinking whole wheat flour, date sugar or agave nectar, organic dark chocolate mini chips, and apple sauce to replace most of the oil. I just keep waiting for my baby and toddler to give me a few free moments to experiment in the kitchen.

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