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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sweet Herbal Tea (0 WW Points)

good earth herbal teaDid you know that sometimes you may feel hungry when in reality you are actually thirsty? If you are trying to lose weight or live a healthy lifestyle, it is really important to keep your body hydrated. The best thing to drink is water of course (I like to make my own flavored water), but if you get bored of drinking water, a glass or two of caffeine free tea per day is a great way to satisfy thirst and is also a delicious, relaxing, healthy, substitute to snacking. I often drink tea in lieu of eating when I feel hungry for a snack, and I find that it satisfies my hunger more often than not (and for 0 weight watchers points since it is virtually calorie free at 3 calories per serving).

Drinking tea is a great idea, but not when you feel like you need to add tons of sugar to make it tasty. That is why I personally love Good Earth's Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea (note, it comes in a non-herbal version as well, so make sure you buy the right one). This tea is the yummiest, sweetest tasting unsweetened tea I've ever had. It's made from a flavorful Rooibos base, has no caffeine (unless you buy the caffeine version), contains natural antioxidants, and has a strong, sweet, cinnamon taste. I actually had this tea for the first time at a friend's wedding, where I was so enamored with the deep, rich, sweet flavor that I put a teabag in my purse, so I'd remember what it was called so I could buy it again. Now, I keep a giant box of it stashed away in my desk at work. If you try it, you'll see what I mean -- you absolutely do not need to add sugar to this tea!

By the way, I wanted to point out that green tea is another popular tea option (it is low in caffeine). Green tea is believed by some to help protect against cancer, lower blood pressure, and also to aid in weight loss. Here is a great article that talks about 7 Reasons to Drink Green Tea from Yahoo! Food.

Lastly, if you don't like cinnamon, I realize that you aren't going to like my tea suggestion. So, I'd like to leave you with one other tip. Instead of adding sugar to your tea, try adding a quarter of a cup of unsweetened almond milk (10 calories). It is much healthier than cream or half and half, and if you add a small portion, it adds 0 weight watchers points.

By the way, if you drink tea, you may see the scale go up a bit the next day. That is because tea causes some people to retain water. So, make sure to keep that extra water weight in mind if you are on a diet or trying to lose weight. I use a scale that shows my body fat percentage which makes it clear whether I've gained water weight or fat on any particular day.

Enjoy your tea!


StevenJack said...

I love this tea.The herbal tea is very testy & hot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about this tea--I never knew about and it is by far the best tasting tea I've ever had--Thank you!

Gloria Christie said...

I haven't had this tea, but another good idea is Celestial Seasoning's Apple Spice tea. You can get this tea pretty much anywhere. Even Walmart. I brew 2 tags and it's super sweet and takes away my hungry very well. I usually drink it at night when I'm tempted to late night snack.

Karen said...

Hi Juliet! I regularly have my tea and it’s not just ordinary tea, I always prefer my healthy herbal tea which rejuvenates my body every day and makes feel good. Drinking tea is a great idea, when it does miracles for our health. I just love to have Good Earth’s sweet and spicy herbal tea. I advice every one should have herbal tea and live longer healthy.
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