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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One of My Favorite Yummy Soups

amy's low calorie soups
I absolutely love Amy's Low Sodium soups! They are great for people like me who are always super busy and always super hungry. There are so many reasons why eating soup is a great idea for your diet or healthy lifestyle: (1) it is really filling, (2) you get a great portion for a small amount of calories, and (3) it is a healthy choice relative to a lot of other food options (especially if you watch out for sodium content).

So, you might be wondering, what should you eat with your soup? Well, I have a few ideas. First of all, I often add a dollop (or two) of fat-free sour cream to my soup (yes, even the soups that are already creamy). It makes my soup taste like I'm eating something really bad for me, even though it is actually really good (and if you watch the portion size, you can add fat free sour cream without adding any WW points). I also often toast a pita bread (2 WW points), and dip it into the soup. This makes for a great dinner. Lastly, sometimes I break a quarter or half a serving (I weigh them with my scale) of baked tortilla chips (1-2 WW points depending on your brand and your serving) into my soup and mix them around to add crunch (you'll find that I'm a big fan of crunchy things!).

Amy's offers a huge variety of soups. I've featured my two favorite flavors here, namely the Low Sodium Cream of Tomato and the Low Sodium Butternut Squash (both are Organic, and both are SUPER yummy). Each one is 2 WW points per serving, 4 WW points for the whole can. If you look on Amy's site, you'll see that some of the other flavors are less points per serving, and a few are more (so make sure you check when you buy). Also, not all of her soups are low sodium like the ones I featured here, so keep an eye on that number if you are watching your sodium intake.

Amy's soups are available at Whole Foods market, as well as at the Yummy Diet Food Amazon Store.

Shopping Tip: When shopping for soup at the supermarket, make sure you look at the ingredients and calories. Two things to look out for: (1) an extreme amount of sodium and (2) an extreme amount of calories/fat due to ingredients chosen to added cream. There are a lot of really "creamy" and YUMMY soup options available (like Amy's) that are creamy without the added calories of actual cream. Also, you can always add your own "cream" with some fat-free sour cream.

So, I have to ask... what do you like to put in your soup? :)

-- Juliet


Anonymous said...

Hi Juliet - I like to put a few nuts on top of my soup for crunch (which I also like). I can't wait to try the sour cream idea. That sounds really good! Thanks for the great site.

Renee Guest said...

i am making a grocery list with all of your ideas - I"m so excited. the little bit of sour cream is making me even more excited about the soups that i have!

I had an Amy's low fat black bean chili today and it was really good - i actually added mustard to it and it reminded me of a hotdog with chili with mustard - ( but totally without the hotdog ... SAME SORT OF TASTE!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post - thank you!

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