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Friday, June 27, 2008

One of My Favorite Yummy Desserts

Whole Soy and Co low calorie ice cream
I absolutely love ice cream. I can't deny it. So, I still eat it, even as I strive to have a healthy, low-calorie diet. My love of ice cream and other desserts is one of the reasons that I love the weight watchers diet/lifestyle so much, since it gives me the ability to save some points for ice cream when I really want to eat it.

So, in the spirit of weight watchers, I am always on the lookout for low calorie frozen yogurts and ice creams. I like to stay away from artificial sweeteners and other ingredients I can't understand, so I was quite pleased when I found this Whole Soy and Co brand soy frozen yogurt. I know it is called "soy frozen yogurt" but to me, that just means ice cream! I find this stuff to be as yummy as any ice cream I've ever eaten, so to me eating soy frozen yogurt suffices for my ice cream cravings. This frozen yogurt comes in a lot of flavors. My favorites are Black Cherry and Creme Caramel ( sometimes I eat half a serving of both in one bowl, which is a *big* treat). I buy Whole Soy and Co.'s frozen yogurt in the frozen section of Whole Foods. Make sure you look on the end, by the soy products. A serving of either of my favorite flavors is only 2 WW points! Sometimes I have a serving and a half for 3 points when I've gone to the gym and know I've earned the special treat.

Shopping Tip: Not all ice creams are created equal and not all ice creams have the same serving sizes or calorie amounts. If you search enough, you can find great tasting low calorie ice cream , like this one, that doesn't have ingredients that you don't understand. Make sure you look through all the flavors, though, because each one may have a different serving size and calorie amount. You obviously want the biggest serving for the least amount of calories.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that i am not a fan of soy 'ice creams' but my husband is and the other day I tried one of his Tofutti Key Lime ice cream sandwiches and it was very good! I'm not sure of the ingredients, and they are now gone (no box to look at) but if you want a portion-controlled frozen treat (approx 130 cals?) and you like key lime pie, then check them out. I love key lime pie and these actually hit the spot when you have a craving. They're not found everywhere, i found them at a local grocery store but maybe you can ask WF to order them for you!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Tofutti is also a great choice! It is available at Whole Foods in Northern California. Some of the flavors are very low in calories, and are also super yummy!

Anonymous said...

Juliet- I also love this yogurt. My favorite flavor is the green tea (110 calories/serving)!

Anonymous said...

They make Dreyer's Fat Free Yogurt Blends...90 calories a half cup! Mmmm!

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