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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hummus and Pita: A Tasty Lunch or Snack

low calorie hummus and pitaI eat hummus and pita for lunch all the time on the weekend. My favorite thing to do is to toast the pita so that it gets crunchy. Then I open it up and spread the hummus inside of the pocket. It keeps lunch from being messy, and it warms the hummus which I think is so wonderful! Sometimes I sneak some low fat cheese in there too, to make it more like a sandwich.

I have two favorite Pitas. Both are whole wheat. One is the kind that is available at Whole Foods (Western Sierra -- 2 WW points) and the other is the kind that is available at Safeway (also 2 WW points). Getting to eat a whole pita for 2 points is really great, since it is filling and seems like you get to eat a lot of bread, which is usually hard to do on a weight watchers diet (while watching points).

In terms of hummus, you can read my post about my favorite types of low calorie hummus (Sabra and Emerald Valley), their calorie content, and where to buy them by clicking here. Generally, you can buy hummus in the refrigerated section of Whole Foods, Safeway, or Trader Joes. They all taste a bit different, so you'll have to find the one you like the best. I usually try to only spread 1-2 WW points into my whole wheat pita bread for a 3-4 point lunch or snack (that is, without the cheese of course). I hope you enjoy these wonderful foods together!

By the way - pita bread is also a great "crust" if you want to make low calorie pizza at home!


Anonymous said...

Juliet -- how do you toast the pita breads? I always microwave mine since I can't fit them in my toaster.

Elizabeth said...

Jessica - great question! I tear the pita in half and then put each half in each side of my toaster. Then, when they come out, they are ready to be filled with hummus. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Trader Joe's brand hummus is particularly tasty and cheap!

Anonymous said...

Another low calorie option is to grill a chicken breast, slice it up and then put a table spoon of teriyaki sauce over it (the brand I have is only 25 calories per table spoon). Warm it up and serve in a pita w/ fat free mayo & diced tomatoes or grapes. It's my favourite low calorie meal!

Elizabeth said...

Hi. Thanks for your comment. Sounds really delicious! I love the idea of using grapes!

Anonymous said...

I like the hummus here in Israel :)

Carla said...

if you cut the pita bread in half it will not pop. the air that goes inside will add to the taste,it gives a better presentation and if your put the hummus inside of the bread, the bread will be crunchy and the hummus will blend in with the bread. its better if you have a stove that has fire, not the electrical one. then place the bread over the fire then wait for it to pop and dont make it to burnt!!!

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