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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Does Wii Fit Work?

wii fitHi again. Juliet asked me to come back and post again about Wii Fit, as my last Wii Fit article received lot of positive attention. I guess people are wondering if Wii fit is worth the big investment and the time and challenge it would take to track it down (see my comment here about some advice on finding Wii Fit). So, the question of the day is, does Wii Fit work? Well, the answer is yes, of course it works, but YOU are still the one that has to be motivated to use it, and of course you have to be willing to actually do all the exercise!

What is cool about the Wii Fit is that it makes exercise fun (and in most cases more challenging which I mentioned before). You get to do yoga poses (I would never ever go to a Yoga class, but I don't mind trying poses in the comfort of my own home). You get to do strength training (without weights/resistance) so it is basic strength training (although it is by no means beginner, aka you will be down on the floor doing sit-ups and push-ups etc.). For aerobics there is hula hopping (very tiring), jogging (you can jog against your friends which is really amusing), dancing like Dance Dance revolution but dummed down a bit. For balance, you get to do ski jumps and ski hills, tight-rope walking -- all sorts of weird crazy fun stuff you'd never do at the gym. So, if you can imagine yourself, in your living room, standing on your Wii Fit board (which calls some people fat sometimes, by the way), doing some of these things, then yes it will work! If you want weight machines, and recumbent bikes to do exercise, then no, you probably won't like Wii Fit, so it probably won't keep you motivated very long.

By the way, Wii Fit is very smart about how it keeps you motivated. For every 10 minutes you exercise, it opens up a new exercise for you to try. Also, the # of reps and time on each exercise, and speeds increase as you get more and more advanced. This setup gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Also, more games will be coming out for the Wii Fit (I can post about them if there is interest), so there will be even more variety (I have no issue with variety today, but I could see possibly being bored after a few months).

So, I hope this was helpful. Please feel free to comment with questions or email me at elizabeth@yummydietfood.com.

Enjoy your Wii Fit! It does work!



Anonymous said...

I also love Wii Fit it's what got me to go to WW after I saw my "Mi" person grow in stature. What a wakeup call.

What other games for Wii Fit have you heard about?

Anonymous said...

Hi. That's great that you are doing a diet and also working out on your fit. I believe there are some new Wii fit games coming out in 2009, including one from EA, and another that features Jillian Michaels, the female trainer from Biggest Loser. Too bad we have a to wait a little while, though!

Here are some articles about them:



Anonymous said...

Hey I love the Wii Fit it really works!
Just to say if you did not know about this, if you tap or fidget while you are sitting every day you can burn 600-800 calories!
Just like to share a tip for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I started eating healthier and watching my portion sizes along with just playing around with my Wii Fit 15-30 minutes a day and lost 10 pounds in just over two weeks. I also like that the Wii Fit gives you an ideal BMI and Weight for your height and tells you what you have to do to get there.

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