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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chips are Your Diet Friend

low calorie baked chips
Hi there! Today was a great diet day for me. I had a small breakfast (2 WW points), a sandwich with just vegetables and cheese for lunch (5 WW points), a bag of baked chips (2 WW points), and an Indian vegetable dish and low calorie pita bread for dinner (7 WW points). I had eaten so little, that I was able to sneak in some ice cream and 1 point yogurt for dessert. Yum! I was also good and went to the gym and did 45 minutes of cardio exercise, so I'm quite pleased with myself. Yay!

Baked chips are a big staple for me. They don't taste low calorie and certainly don't seem like diet food. They come in all sorts of varieties and flavors, and eating them doesn't seem like a compromise. I highly recommend Baked Lays, although there are a lot of potato chips out there that are 130 or less calories per serving, with fiber and protein. A great place to look at chips is at Whole Foods. They have a wide variety of approaches to chips. As for Baked Lays, you can find them at Safeway, although not usually in the individual packs which I find in my snack machine or at my cafeteria. You can also buy Baked Lays from the Yummy Diet Food Store at Amazon. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Baked chips are also my staple. Sometimes I buy baked tortilla chips and dip them in 0 point salsa.

Sweet Tooth said...

A whole bag?? but if u check out
the nutrition contents on Lays, u can see that 110kcal is only 1/10 of the entire bag..11 crips add up to 110 kcal! i hope ur not eating the whole bag ?! (i know..it's monstrous! the entire bag would then be a whopping 1100 kcal!!!)

Elizabeth said...

We have small one serving bags where I work.

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