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Monday, November 8, 2010

Silk Pure Almond Milk

silk pure almond milk
You may have tried the almond milk that I have previously recommended to my loyal readers.  But now I feel excited to introduce those who have not yet discovered Silk Pure Almond Milk to this yummy option that happens to be resting in my refrigerator as we speak.  You may ask how I can get so worked up over almond milk – and to that I say, what’s not to love?

First off, let’s start with the goodness that is the almond.  Almonds are power-packed with fiber and protein.  As a matter of fact, the almond has more protein and fiber than any other tree nut, and they are naturally cholesterol free and low in saturated fat.  Silk Almond Milk is made with ground almonds, thus, you get all of these great benefits in a delicious, nutritious alternative beverage to dairy milk.

And Silk Pure Almond Milk is overflowing with antioxidants that work to stave off free-radical damage within the body – damage that can lead to aging, chronic health problems, heart disease, and cancer.  And this milk is enriched with Vitamin E, which is a known anti-oxidant that is thought to support heart and brain health and functioning, and a beautiful complexion. You get a full 50% of the Vitamin E you need in each serving of Silk Pure Almond Milk. 

Each serving of Silk Pure Almond provides you with as much vitamin D and calcium as regular dairy milk, minus the dairy, soy, saturated fat, and cholesterol, for just 60 calories, 2.5g fat, 1 gram of fiber, and only 1 weight watchers point! I like to drink Silk Pure Almond milk by itself, but I also love to use it in a delicious smoothie, or over my low calorie cereal with a handful of berries.  Yummy! 



CaSaundraLeigh said...

I love soymilk, but I am a die hard fan of 8th Continent's light vanilla soymilk!

Anonymous said...

Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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