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Friday, June 13, 2008

I Love Van's Frozen Waffles

I don't usually eat waffles for breakfast during the week, since I like to stick with 2 point breakfasts that allow me to eat more during the busy day. But, I *always* eat them on the weekend. I absolutely love Van's frozen waffles, the Belgian 7 grain shown in the picture are my favorite kind, but Vans makes many varieties of waffles, from multi- grain, to organic, to blueberry, to flax. They also come in various different shapes. Whole foods carries most of the kinds, so you can pick which one appeals to you the most. I think Safeway might carry some varieties as well. The Belgian waffles I eat every Saturday and Sunday, have 4 WW points (230 calories) for 2 waffles, which is a perfect breakfast for me.


Anonymous said...

Juliet -- I also love Vans frozen waffles. I eat them almost every day. I can find them at my local Safeway or my local Vons. My favorite kind are the blueberry ones. You should try them them out.

Anonymous said...

i love waffles. yummy!!=]

Anonymous said...

I finally got to try out some Van's waffles!! They are super yummy. I got the organic homestyle kind. =)

Anonymous said...

The fat free Van's waffles are only 2 WW points for 2 waffles!

JaneG. said...

I've been eating Trader Joe's Multi-Grain Waffles for year's - also 230 calories for two, with 2 grams of fiber and, of course, no artificial stuff. Great spread with about a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese and topped with fresh berries. Really healthy and filling for a special Sunday morning breakfast. Very inexpensive at under $2 a box of 8. Don't know the points+, though(?)

Elizabeth said...

Jane - those sound very yummy. I will check them out! In terms of points plus, if you send me the calories, fat, protein, fiber, and carbs, I'd be super happy to calculate it for you. Best! Juliet

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